About Olympian Fencing Studio

Started in 2016 by professional saberist Galya Pundyk, the Olympian Fencing Studio (OFS) is about training premier sabre and foil fencing. Located in Wilton, Connecticut, it is the home of numerous top-tier fencers from neighboring counties. Founded by gold medalist from the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games and previous member of the Ukrainian National Team, Pundyk is an internationally rank fencer and world renowned athlete.

The Olympian Fencing Studio is committed to youth fitness, constantly getting involved in local competitions and workshops. Previously, the owner Galya Pundyk was a coach on the Yale University Fencing team. Today, Pundyk is the owner and head coach of OFS and dedicated to its mission to coach and train the next generation of fencers!

Why Fencing?

Fencing is an elegant, prestigious and modern combative sport based on tradition. It is a challenge both physically and tactically and requires the qualities of success important to today’s young people. It is a blend of patience, determination, discipline and competitiveness. Those seeking a challenge for both mind and body will fall in love with fencing, also known as “physical chess” all at the speed of light.

I love fencing because it gives children a physical and mental challenge while building confidence, social skills, and an academic future — all with fewer injuries than other activities. Sounds almost too good to be true, doesn’t it? But this exactly what fencing can do for children. Plus, I love to see the reaction of people when they learn that you are a “Fencer”!

– Galya Pundyk

How Can I Get Started?

Check out our programs page and blog page to read up on all you need to know. Start by reading our Beginner’s Guide to Fencing then take a look at our class offerings and lessons page. We can’t wait for you to get started on your fencing journey!

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“Galya is a wonderful coach, both in practice and at competitions. All of the observations she makes and notes gives are specific and focused. She shifts her approach to coach depending on what is most beneficial to each of her students. Without Galya, I wouldn’t have made it to NCAA Championships for the first time my final year in college. Even in high-stress situations, she maintains a sense of calm and puts her fencers at ease — something that is both rare and needed at a competitive level.”

Lillie Owens Lianoff, Yale Fencing Team

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