Adult Instruction

Adult Fencing Instruction

The Adult Fencing Program is designed to to teach adults fundamental fencing skills, help them master the technique, and understand the tactics and rules of the sport. For those with previous fencing experience, this is an opportunity to refresh and improve their skills. In addition, the program is aimed at rapid development. Thus, participants in this class can enjoy recreational and competitive fencing quicker and better.


*Fall 2020 Season Update* Due to COVID, we will not be holding Adult classes until further notice. Please see our private lessons page to schedule one-on-one instruction. For any other questions, feel free to email or call us at 203-339-5083.


First, see our pricing page for more information about private lessons, class fees, and membership. If you still have questions check out our FAQ page or call us at 203-339-5083.

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“Galya is a wonderful coach, both in practice and at competitions. All of the observations she makes and notes gives are specific and focused. She shifts her approach to coach depending on what is most beneficial to each of her students. Without Galya, I wouldn’t have made it to NCAA Championships for the first time my final year in college. Even in high-stress situations, she maintains a sense of calm and puts her fencers at ease — something that is both rare and needed at a competitive level.”

Lillie Owens Lianoff, Yale Fencing Team

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