Frequently Asked Questions


Answers to your frequently asked questions on:

  • Hours of Operation and Holidays
  • Pricing
  • Classes
  • Equipment

Hours of Operation and Holidays

What are the Olympian Fencing Studio hours of operation?

Monday to Saturday 9:00 AM – 6:00 PM

What holidays does the studio close?

During the academic year, Olympian Fencing Studio follows the Wilton Public School District Calendar which can be found here. Unless otherwise stated, the studio is closed on holidays where there is no class. 


It is the middle of the month, can I still sign up for monthly membership?

We recommend that you wait until the next full month to sign up for monthly membership. Unused classes do not carry over to the following payment period. Note: If you sign up for a monthly membership with included private lessons, you may schedule your private lesson before the payment month begins.


What does U11 and U17 mean?

Ages 11 and Under and Ages 17 and Under.

My child is in the U11 Beginner Class but cannot make the time, can they go to the U11 Competitive Class instead?

The U11 Competitive class is for youth fencers who have been approved for the competition level and have the skill and endurance to train at an advanced pace. Thus, unless approved by an instructor, U11 Beginner fencers are not allowed to attend this class.


Where can we purchase fencing equipment?

Please see our guide page under the ‘About’ tab which has information on how and where to buy equipment.

How do we know what equipment to buy and what size?

First, see our guide page under the ‘About’ tab. Then, if you still are unsure about what sizing to buy please consult one of our coaching staff during your next class or lesson.