Summer Camp

Summer Camp Program

Our summer camp program is designed for children ages 7-14 and all skill levels. We will focus on learning the fundamentals and rules of fencing as well as tactics and technique. Also, tests on reaction, intuition, and speed of thinking will be conducted. Our camp program is fun and interesting. It contributes to better physical and mental development. The schedule will include: dynamic warm-up exercises, stretching, fencing, tests, a break for lunch, games, videos, and cool-down exercises. Children will develop coordination, improve flexibility, balance, agility, strength, and endurance. They will learn teamwork, and increase their discipline and focus . . . all while having fun!

Galya Pundyk and Olga Zhovnir are Olympic champions and world class coaches.
Galya and Olga earned degrees from the a top physical education program in Ukraine. In 2016, Yale University hired Galya to be an assistant fencing coach.
The OFS summer camp targets physical and intellectual development for children ages 7 to 18 years old. The students will learn agility, balance, coordination, speed, fencing tactics, and mental and physical strength.

Summer Camp Dates


  • 8-12 – Sabre ( 7 -10 years old)
  • 15 – 19 – Foil (7-10 years old)
  • 22 – 26 – Sabre ( 11 – 15 years old)
  • 29 – 2 – Sabre ( 7 – 15 years old)


  • 5 – 9 – Foil ( 7-10 years old)
  • 12 – 16 – Sabre ( 7 – 15 years old)
  • 19 – 23 – Sabre ( 7 – 15 years old)

TIME: 10:30 AM – 2:30 PM (Bring your own lunch)

Please call us to arrange a schedule: 203-339-5083

Summer Camp Fees

Choose any weeks (or days) that work for your schedule. They do not have to be consecutive.

  • 1 Week of camp – $375
  • 2 Weeks of camp – $700
  • 3 Weeks of camp – $1000
  • Per day – $80
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“Jacob has found your fencing instruction to be so valuable. You have an ability to identify exactly what he needs to do to improve and can also provide detailed instruction for how he can execute those improvements. He finds your instruction motivating and encouraging. You coach with calm but also with energy. He has greatly enjoyed the time with you and your instruction and feels he has improved.”

Karen Wolfe

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