Summer Class (July)


Students that have started fencing in 2020 or earlier are eligible for this summer class during the month of July (July 4 – July 30). Summer class during the month of July will combine all age groups for joint warm-up, conditioning, and footwork.

Advanced fencer will be given more intensive repetitions and drills. This is a great opportunity for novice fencers to learn from older, more experienced students all the while training and learning in the same space. Following conditioning and footwork, students will be broken up between the 8 fencing strips: 4 strips for older students, 4 for younger students. Sign up for a unique experience to train with fencers from all skill levels to socialize, communicate, and train.


This program is for all students who have started fencing in 2020 or earlier.

Class Schedule:

Monday, Wednesday, Friday  from 10am – Noon


Kids are expected to attend class ready to exercise and work with others. At Olympic Fencing Studio, we prioritize safety above all else and expect students to listen to instructors and rules of the studio.


Please see our pricing page for class costs, lessons, and membership.


Please call or email us to get registered for a class. Print and sign out the following forms:

Registration Form

OFS Consent Form

Payment Agreement

Studio Code of Conduct

Tournament Code of Conduct


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“Jacob has found your fencing instruction to be so valuable. You have an ability to identify exactly what he needs to do to improve and can also provide detailed instruction for how he can execute those improvements. He finds your instruction motivating and encouraging. You coach with calm but also with energy. He has greatly enjoyed the time with you and your instruction and feels he has improved.”

Karen Wolfe

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